It's thrilling to have all the latest gadgets in your GMC, but if you're new to navigating modern technology, it can be daunting.
Thankfully, the GMC Infotainment System was designed to be accessible and user-friendly.


Syncing your phone to your GMC Infotainment System is simple. It uses Bluetooth® technology, which is already on your phone. You can also opt to connect your phone wirelessly through the use of alternate means like Apple CarPlay® or Android Auto™. Either way, pairing your smartphone is easy thanks to their step-by-step instructions anyone can follow. By just tapping a couple buttons, you'll quickly be able to use voice commands to access your phone.


Don't want to burn data while you use your phone's online features in the car? Many GMC vehicles offer available 4G LTE Wi-Fi (with subscription), allowing you to connect several devices to your vehicle's hotspot on the go.
When your phone is connected to your vehicle via Bluetooth® or other means, you can access online features like music streaming, navigation, and audiobooks. You can even have multiple apps running at once, and can easily download more through the app store.


You can customize your settings by adding favorite contacts and songs to your quick-access menus. All you have to do is hit the star on the side of the touchscreen. This puts all your most-liked features in one place for easy access.
Saving favorite destinations and routes to your navigation system is simple with OnStar features, which similarly lets you save preferences with a button-tap. It's easy to keep these saved for quick access the next time you drive.

Connect your phone, stream your music, and use your favorite apps and features with ease on any GMC vehicle at Sterling Buick GMC.

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